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iPens X1 Support

What’s iPens X1

X1 is a capacitive stylus pen which can write on touchscreens. What you write can be recorded by your device.

Which device can I use iPens X1?

iPens X1 is compatible with most ios devices and android devices.

Does iPens X1 need pair with app?

No, it is no pairing. Just click to write.

How many colors can I choose for X1?

Silver & Champagne.

How to use X1?

You just need to click the button, when the blue light flash quickly, you can use directly.

Can I use on phone and tablets with protector?

Normally, it is better with no protector. If with protector, it is better with thin glass protector.

Can I use iPens X1 on iPad Pro fluently?

Yes, iPens X1 has a signal matching function, you just need rotate the antenna on the tip, and you will have a better experience.

When does iPens X1 need signal matching and how to do it?

iPens X1 is compatible with most ios devices and Android devices, you just need to click to write without any pairing. For some devices, you need slightly rotate the antenna for better writing effect. For manual operation, you can follow these steps: 1. use iPens X1 directly on touchscreens, if writing fluently, you will not need any other signal matching operation; if writing not fluently, you will need step2; 2. Rotate the antenna half round manually, then test on touchscreens, if perform well, you will not need rotate again; if still writing not fluently, rotate the antenna within a round for a better using.

What should be paid attention to when used on iPad Pro?

For iPad pro, there is “Apple pencil”selection in some apps, like GoodNotes, Notability, Notes Plug, etc. Then you will need close it, or you will not write on iPad Pro with iPens X1 or even your fingers.

How to confirm that the X1’s battery is low?

The X1’s light flashes three times red, indicating that the battery is low.

Does X1 need to change batteries?

No. X1 has a non-removable rechargeable lithium battery inside.

How to charge?

Using a dedicated Micro USB to charge.

How long does it take to fully charge?

About 2 hours。

How long can the X1 be used after it is fully charged?

About 10 hours after fully charged .

Does the X1’s tip can be replaced?

When the X1’s tip was worn, the user can remove it to replace a new tip.